The ZEPTO Cataract

The cataract is a degenerative disease affecting the ocular lens which, through a process of opacification, can cause blindness. After performing a perfectly circular automated cut of the lens capsule with the Zepto device, which uses micro-pulse technology, cataract surgery makes use of a phaco emulsifier.

This tool allows the fragmentation and subsequent aspiration of the cataract by ultrasound. At the end of the intervention an artificial lens is inserted that can replace the natural crystalline lens. It corrects: myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism (toric lenses), presbyopia (multifocal lenses). 

A new alternative is the inclusion of two lenses (Camellens – Soleko) instead of just one. This allows you to insert the astigmatic correction component or the multifocal component into the second lens.

This method guarantees greater safety in terms of reversibility, rotation and correct positioning of the lens in selected cases.