In corneas that have been previously operated on, which often have a particularly irregular surface the topo-aberrometric link is used.

This was conceived by Dr. Camellin, which consists of a “personalization” based on a transformation mathematics of changes in the curvature of the cornea.

The particular advantage of this method is the possibility to analyze large deformations (present in scars or in corneal transplants) and to correct them by optimizing fabric import.

With this innovative technique it is possible to customize any type of reprocessing in the eyes: 

  • that have undergone previous refractive failures (eg previous prior laser/incisional refractive surgery cornea transplant); 
  • corneal ectasias (e.g. keratoconus). 

In case of corneal dystrophies or corneal degeneration, the PTK technique may be used (Phototherapeutic Keratectomy).

This is a procedure similar to PRK, in which the damaged corneal tissue is uniformly vaporized.