The term “pathologies of the annexes” refers generically to pathologies of anatomical parts in close contact eye. In this family the pathologies of the most frequent eyelid glands are known as Chalazion and Sties. These are small glands, which secrete fat and which, if they become infected, must therefore be incised or removed. 

At the level of the conjunctiva, a transparent veil covering the white part of the eye, we can have conditions pathological like: 

  • Pterygium and pinguecula, which are growths, mainly on the nasal side. There is growth for Pterygium of tissue towards the center of the cornea so it is essential to remove it and eventually smooth the surface with an excimer laser. 
  • Conjunctival chalasis, is instead a duplication of the conjunctiva that overflows and creates irritation and tearing. The solution is surgical and consists in reducing this excess of tissue.